scents and fragrances

14 oz Candles $10.00  Fragrances                                                       

1 Macintosh Apple

2 Cashmere

3 Sandalwood

4 White Ginger & Amber

5 Kitchen Herb Garden

6 Milk Chocolate

7 MidSummer's Night

8 Chocolate Rose

9 Cedar

10 Spearmint

11 Lilac

12 Peppermint

13 Independence Day

14 Fresh and Clean

15 Stormy Nights

16 Hibiscus

17 Rose

18 Christmas Tree

19 Blueberry

20 Lavender Flowers

21 Winter Hideaway

22 Honeysuckle

23 Sandalwood Amber

24 Marshmallow Madness

25 Amber Romance

26 Moonlight

27 Lime

28 Lavender Cedar

29 Eucalyptus

30 White Sage

31 Gain

32 Snuggle

33 Sweet Pea

34 Raspberry

35 Vanilla

36 Cotton with Vanilla

37 Birthday Cake

38 Gardenia

39 Cotton Candy

40 Dream Angels

41 Vineyard

42 Wine and Roses

43 Black Cherry

44 Candy Corn

2.8oz Wax Melts $3.00 Fragrances

1M  Macintosh Apple

2M  Cashmere

3M  Sandalwood

4M  White Ginger & Amber

5M  Kitchen Herb Garden

6M  Milk Chocolate

7M  MidSummer's Night

8M  Chocolate Rose

9M  Cedar

10M  Spearmint

11M  Lilac

12M  Peppermint

14M  Fresh and Clean

15M  Stormy Nights

16M  Hibiscus

17M  Rose

18M  Christmas Tree

19M  Blueberry

20M  Lavender Flowers

21M  Winter Hideaway

22 M Honeysuckle

23 M Sandalwood Amber

24M  Marshmallow Madness

25M  Amber Romance

26M  Moonlight

27M  Lime

28M  Lavender Cedar

29M  Eucalyptus

30M  White Sage

31M  Gain

32M  Snuggle

33M  Sweet Pea

34M  Raspberry

35M  Vanilla

36M  Cotton with Vanilla

37M  Birthday Cake

38M  Gardenia

39M  Cotton Candy

40M  Dream Angels

41M  Vineyard

42M  Wine and Roses

43M  Black Cherry

44M  Candy Corn

 Bath Salts $3.00 = 4.6oz $5.00 = 6.7oz

1BS Lime

2BS Lavender

3BS Amber

4BS Birthday Cake

5BS Gardenia

6BS Honeysuckle

7BS Cotton Candy

8BS Christmas Morning

9BS Sweet Pea

10BS Eucalyptus

11BS Amber Vanilla

12BS Lemon Meringue

13BS Lemongrass Citronelle

14BS Bergamot

15BS Apple

16BS Almond

17BS Bayberry

18BS Citrus Rose

19BS Cedarwood

20BS Anais Anais

21BS Cherry

22BS Carnation

23BS Banana

24BS Allspice

25BS Eucalyptus Spearmint

26BS Chamomile Lavender

27BS African Rain

28BS Cedarwood Amber

29BS Egyption Sandalwood

30BS Apricot Chamomile

31BS Chanpagne & Roses

Bath Bombs

1BB Lime

2BB Lavender

3BB Amber

4BB Birthday Cake

5BB Gardenia

6BB Honeysuckle

7BB Cotton Candy

8BB Christmas Morning

9BB Sweet Pea

10BB Eucalyptus

11BB Amber Vanilla

12BB Lemon Meringue

13BB Lemongrass Citronelle

14BB Bergamot

15BB Apple

16BB Almond

17BB Bayberry

18BB Citrus Rose

19BB Cedarwood

20BB Anais Anais

21BB Cherry

22BB Carnation

23BB Banana

24BB Allspice

25BB Eucalyptus Spearmint

26BB Chamomile Lavender

27BB African Rain

28BB Cedarwood Amber

29BB Egyption Sandalwood

30BB Apricot Chamomile

31BB Chanpagne & Roses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Shower Steamers

1SS Lime

2SS Lavender

3SS Amber

4SS Birthday Cake

5SS Gardenia

6SS Honeysuckle

7SS Cotton Candy

8SS Christmas Morning

9SS Sweet Pea

10SS Eucalyptus

11SS Amber Vanilla

12SS Lemon Meringue

13SS Lemongrass Citronelle

14SS Bergamot

15SS Apple

16SS Almond

17SS Bayberry

18SS Citrus Rose

19SS Cedarwood

20SS Anais Anais

21SS Cherry

22SS Carnation

23SS Banana

24SS Allspice

25SS Eucalyptus Spearmint

26SS Chamomile Lavender

27SS African Rain

28SS Cedarwood Amber

29SS Egyption Sandalwood

30SS Apricot Chamomile

31SS Chanpagne & Roses


   Pettie Spa

1PS Lime

2PS Lavender

3PS Amber

4PS Birthday Cake

5PS Gardenia

6PS Honeysuckle

7PS Cotton Candy

8PS Christmas Morning

9PS Sweet Pea

10PS Eucalyptus

11PS Amber Vanilla

12PS Lemon Meringue

13PS Lemongrass Citronelle

14PS Bergamot

15PS Apple

16PS Almond

17PS Bayberry

18PS Citrus Rose

19PS Cedarwood

20PS Anais Anais

21PS Cherry

22PS Carnation

23PS Banana

24PS Allspice

25PS Eucalyptus Spearmint

26PS Chamomile Lavender

27PS African Rain

28PS Cedarwood Amber

29PS Egyption Sandalwood

30PS Apricot Chamomile

31PS Chanpagne & Roses